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The Positive Thinking Movement and the Law of attraction has been very strong on social media , popular books, and seminars over the last decade.

What is it ? That has people attending seminars, buying endless self help books and scrolling social media for the latest “how to “ video.

LOA known as the law of attraction promises the good life, full of endless material things, friends, and business just the perfect life.

“All you need to Sonia visualise it”

And you can have it.

I ask why is it’s primary focus on material things and not those things of life that gives us joy, that are free. The appreciation to be alive, to walk and talk etc.

What “they don’t tell you” is that to connect to the universe and receive what is already yours, you must release everything that is in contradiction to that which you want to experience.

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Abundance
  • New House
  • Career
  • Relationships

The beliefs, thoughts emotions and patterns of behaviour that are not in alignment with what you want must be released.

And that means letting go of who you think you are.

I’ve noticed many “ guru’s” out there who seem to have it all but are blinded by that fact that abundance to them is measured by amount in your bank account.

The big false idea, that self worth is connected to how much money you have. There is more self worth on some of the most light filled faces in countries who have absolutely nothing. They may live in great poverty BUT they have a wealth and richness of the soul that many millionaires would ever be graced with.

There is nothing wrong with LOA and positive thinking. My focus here is for people be aware and not to get sucked in to to a movement that will only take your money from you.

The guru’s get rich and you struggle along with positive beliefs in your mind on a surface level but underneath is all the conditioned crap that you downloaded from parents, teachers and society that keeps you stuck.

Real abundance is knowing who you are at the deepest level. Self worth belongs to the ego and an ego with a lot money will feel a lot of self worth. Take it way, then what.

Find your soul and wake it up. Then you will know you can have nothing but you will be richer that the richest person on the planet. you are an infinite. That’s why they call it universe.

It’s the YOUniverse because it’s you , and when you align with your heart and true self, all that you are and focus on will come in to your experience. If that’s money, houses, business, relationships whatever it doesn’t matter.

You will be attracting what you are and experiencing yourself in a deeper way connected to all things.

With such a realisation comes the awareness that you are connected to other people, places at a deeper level and that they are apart of you.

Then your life can often flow with the universal spirit, that is service to others. A true conscious life. And that doesn’t mean it will be euphoric, spiritual and dancing with angels. It can be tough and often is.

There is a truth to the LOA positive movement and it can open doors but if it stays on the level of “getting things ” for me it’s pointless.

Yes the plan works, visualise what you want, feel it as if it’s real, notice what you see hear and feel in the in your mind.

Get out and test drive the car, join a club whatever it takes to become the person who is in alignment with what you want.

Just know that whatever you do if you don’t put it in service to others you will constantly be chasing the next thing, car house, million dollars.

Do as your hearts desire but let go of your attachment to the outcome.

What do you think ?

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