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Life Lessons from using a Jigsaw

Most people would think….. what can you learn from using a Jigsaw. I’m quite an inquisitive guy so i naturally link practical life experiences to life lessons. In this case i was laying some new laminate floor in the living room and while not being an expert jigsaw user had to get the hang of it quickly.

You quickly learn that too much force while guiding the Jigsaw blade through the wood ensures that the cut doesn’t end up straight. No matter how much you try to force the Jigsaw blade the worse it gets.

I found that by gently guiding the blade through the wood my cuts were a lot better. During the completion this job i had the realisation that life in some way is the same.

When we force and try to control life, a situation and people in our lives. We often find that life doesn’t go to plan and circumstances become harder or more troublesome. Once you let go of control and just guide your life where you want it to go without force, you find that life itself supports you and the events, situation and circumstances begin to align and work for your highest good.

So begin by thinking where am i over controlling in my life and what can i begin to lessen my grip on. It may be you could allow someone else to take some responsibility for something that would better serve their needs and development.

At times we can become general manager of the universe and feel if i don’t do it, it won’t get done or it has to be done my way. What if it doesn’t? Question your assumptions and look at your expectations of your self and others. You may just see something you didn’t see before, and that may support positive change for yourself and others.

I hope you got the message from this story. Please leave a comment or message and thank you tor reading this blog.

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