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Stop Smoking Now

  1. Smoking, many people do it, from all walks of life, backgrounds and age groups. The HARD truth is YOU already know it’s not right for you.

    By now you have heard many devastating health stories of people who have become ill or have even died and in some way small or large;  Smoking played a part in it!

    You already know, it’s an easy habit to have and you just do it. Some people say “it’s just a habit, I don’t even like it.” Other people enjoy it, but everyone who smokes tells themselves a story of why they smoke. Don’t you ?

    It is usually to:

    • To Relieve stress
    • Having a break 
    • Help me think
    • Having a coffee
    • After a meal 
    • It’s a social thing

Whatever story you have told yourself about the past, YOU are now ready to stop the stories and quit smoking for good.

magine…… Now  a scenario where smoking just isn’t part of your life.  How would your life look? What other activities would you do instead? How would you feel and in your mind and body?

You can begin again to breathe in that clean, fresh air. Allow your lungs, heart, and skin to heal, and start that process of healing your whole body, mind, and spirit from the cumulative effects of smoking.


I quit smoking THIRTEEN years ago with HYPNOTHERAPY and if I can do it so can you! 

Like me,  you WANT to stop, and you’re ready to do what is necessary to make that happen. Everybody knows that with change we can experience uncomfortable feelings as we adjust to a new way of living.

This is standard with any area of life. When you embrace the changes with a willingness to see it through YOU will come out on the other side as a non-smoker. The natural YOU, you were.

The benefits YOU will gain when you QUIT SMOKING

  • Younger looking skin
  • Breathe easier and increase lung capacity
  • Improves fertility and quality of sex in both men and women
  • Smell and taste improve
  • Blood circulation and energy levels
  • More money for you and your family
  • Smoke-free home
  • Massively reduce the chances of many life-threatening diseases
  • Live longer in a healthier state with whiter teeth

Are you NOW  ready to take this life-changing opportunity and take back your health and life like many others who have said NO to smoking and YES to life.

1 Session

The smoking cessation session lasts up to 2 hours, and I use a  range of therapeutic change therapies namely Hypnotherapy/NLP and EFT.

The techniques and processes I use are very powerful and work to break the habit cycle in your subconscious mind and create a space consciously so you can move forward as a  nonsmoker with choice and awareness in your life.

It will require you to be open and willing, this a process we do together, which means you have to WANT to quit smoking and be ready to work with me to make that happen.

Take action now and be a non-smoker!   It will be the best gift you will ever give yourself this year…

Contact Marcus Abraham on 07739 970349