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Panic Attacks

  1. Everyone at some point in their life will experience the feelings of sudden panic.

    Panic Attacks usually happens in a situation where those feelings and emotions would be healthy, and the right response from your body to what is going on.

    E.G. (your child has wandered off while out shopping) or you believe you have lost your wallet.

    This immediate emotional reaction in your body and mind is panic and worry

    It’s when this response happens for no apparent reason, with the accompanying thoughts and feelings of dread and pending doom is when it’s become a problem.

    Panic attacks affect people in different ways to varying degrees and is a frequent condition for many people. They can happen anywhere and at any time.

    You can be free again and live happier without panic attacks.

    EFT, Hypnotherapy along with NLP processes and techniques can relieve panic attacks and help YOU manage your mental and emotional life for better health and well-being.

    You don’t have to stay where you are; there is a light at the end of the tunnel

    I use a combination of these therapies and Reiki energy to make changes in your unconscious mind and to teach you the tools to keep you well.  YOU just have to take action now and make the appointment that will change your life.

    Feeling like you want to change, I can assist you right now

    Take advantage of your free 30-minute consultation call with no obligation whatsoever. A chance to briefly discuss your issues in a safe and relaxed way where I explain what we will do together and how I and my sessions can help YOU achieve what you want.


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