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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Lose weight with Hypnotherapy, feel confident in your body, increase your Self-Esteem, and let go of what has been holding you back.

  1. Create new “Healthy Lifestyle” ways of thinking and behaving that keep you on the road to success. 
  2. Develop a compelling vision that motivates YOU forward towards your goals

  3. Reprogram your beliefs, and develop new lifelong strategies at the Subconscious Level.

  4. Become excited and enthusiastic about Self Care, deciding to finally give you what you’ve always wanted. 

  5. Be supported all the way through the journey, changing your mindset, emotional thinking while keeping your eyes on the GOAL

Hypnotherapy is being used more and more in modern times to change deeply ingrained habits emotional problems and has recognised early than 1955 by the British medical association and others as being very useful.

With hypnotherapy, anyone can change unconscious eating and emotional patterns of behaviour and become a naturally slim person.

There are many reasons why we pick up these unhealthy eating habits. Mostly from our parents; you probably heard your mum or dad say “you won’t leave that table till you’ve eaten all the food on your plate.”

or “there are starving kids in Africa, and you want to leave your food”.

These kinds of messages stay with us as adults and cause many problems.

Emotions Vs food.

We all know the effects food has on our emotions; all you have to do is give a child a can of coke and watch them fly around the room for hours. Being overweight is usually the surface symptom of other emotional issues from our pasts.

The effects of eating comfort foods can distract your mind for a little while, but then it starts again and becomes a vicious circle.

Exercise and Nutrition are the best ways to lose weight and become a healthier person on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The basic idea is you eat healthier foods, workout and you burn more calories than you consume so you lose weight.

In your weight management sessions, we change your subconscious behaviour patterns around food and any associated emotional causes to reprogram your mind to make lifestyle changes to reach your desired goals.

Responsibility; There is only one person who is responsible for your health and becoming a naturally slim person, and that is you, are you 100% committed to changing your lifestyle and making some new choices that will result in you becoming a healthier, slimmer more confident person.

Imagine how great you will look in your new fantastic body with fabulous clothes, feeling a million dollars, and hearing all the compliments from your friends, family, and colleagues. NOW is the start of a new improved you.

No diets, no gimmicks just pure lifestyle changes! That last a lifetime.

I can help with powerful Hypnotherapy /NLP and EFT techniques that will unlock the real you to look, feel, and integrate the person you want to be.Take advantage of your free 30-minute consultation call with no obligation whatsoever. It is a chance to discuss your issue in a safe and relaxed way briefly. I will explain what we can do together and how I and my sessions can help YOU achieve what you want.