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Developed by Mikao Usui in the 1920s, Reiki is a Japanese natural healing system. In Japanese, Rei means universal, and Ki is life force energy. Everything  in the universe is energy, you are energy, plants , animals are energy, light and sound are energy. It is the speed at which the energy vibrates which determines its physical or non- physical form. The chair you’re sat on now is at a slower vibration which makes it structure stable and able to experience via your sense of touch. Light and sound are a faster vibration of energy, and while you can’t get hold of them with your hand, you can certainly feel their effects.

Imagine walking into a building with two rooms of music playing , one room is the most horrible music you have ever listened to and the other is the most pleasant. While you can’t physically touch the “energy of music” you can feels its effect on your being.

Reiki energy is a very fast high vibration of energy. During a Reiki treatment the Reiki energy enters your system and gently pushes denser energies out of your system. Denser energies can be anything from STRESS, you know  that feeling of WEIGHT on the shoulders at the end of a tiring day, COLDS, VIRUSES, ANXIETY , DEPRESSION to severe chronic conditions. Reiki works on the whole of who you are: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The more a person is treated with Reiki energy or learns to treat themselves with Reiki, your whole being comes into alignment and you begin to heal on all levels. Learning Reiki is the start of a personal healing journey of transformation.

In the process of healing, Reiki guides you to make the choices necessary; for healing at the deepest level to take place.

Benefits of Reiki for YOU could be:

  • Reduce stress levels to clear the mind to be more effective

  •  Begin to release emotional issues gently as the Reiki energy penetrates your energy system

  •  Relieve pain and reduce inflammation to move more comfortable with a sense of being able to cope

  •  Feel a sense of calmness and relaxed mental awareness which gives you the space to think clearly

  • Increase confidence and motivation in all that you do with extra umph in your step

  • Promotes deep relaxation which in turn improves sleep and energy levels 

  • Connect with your inner self

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a very gentle form of hands on healing that works with the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. In a Reiki Treatment, the client lies on a Reiki bed or massage type table, fully clothed on the back. The Reiki Practitioner will place their hands in certain positions on the face and body holding them at that point still for a few minutes at a time, and then they will move to another position.

Generally the practitioner will play Reiki or healing music to enhance your Reiki Treatment experience which allows you to let go and relax into the treatment. When the Reiki Practitioner has moved down the front of your body, you will be asked to turn over and lie on your front. Reiki will then be transmitted to your back legs and feet.

NB... The above treatment structure is not fixed and is always adapted to suit individual needs such as people with disabilities or health conditions.

  • Clients have shared that during a Reiki treatment they have a sense of heat coming from the practitioner’s hands as well as a cold feeling at times.

  • In the relaxed state , they may see swirling colours in the mind’s eye or moving shapes.

  • Some clients have shared that they travel off to distant lands and relax and let go.a

There is no “right” experience to have when choosing to receive Reiki, what happens is what is meant to happen for you. What can be guaranteed is that You will feel calmer, more relaxed, and at peace.

Take advantage of your free 30-minute consultation call with no obligation whatsoever. To discuss your needs and how I Reiki can support you where you are in your journey right now.

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Yes, it sure can, low self-esteem is usually the result of trying circumstances or a prolonged difficult situation that has chipped away at your sense of self. This is usually the result of the way you have used your mind at the time, in terms of the thoughts, beliefs and expectations you believe should or should not have happened or be happening now.

Reiki can help you to develop self-esteem and make changes to your beliefs but to make that happen. The best option would be to learn Reiki level One and start your journey of transformation . A one off or regular treatment from a Reiki Practitioner will benefit you but it won’t do the inner work and create the deeper changes needed to move you to where you want to be.

Becoming attuned to the Reiki Energies and using the Energy as part of a daily practice will massively increase your self-esteem, making you aware of opportunities in life, while relaxing your mind emotions and lifting your mood. Often people find that they can handle their “stuff” better once attuned and practicing Reiki.

Reiki can help assist you with BackPain, depending on what is causing it, musculoskeletal issues may need addressing.

Reiki can help relieve pain and inflammation, but you may need a rehabilitation program from a qualified health professional to look at the muscles, posture, ligaments and movement patterns.

Long-term relief is found through taking responsibility for our bodies and overall health.

Yes, Reiki can help you heal from depression, It won’t happen overnight, but if you are willing to learn Reiki and use it daily, you can move forward and change your life.

The energetic pattern of depression within a person comes from an unexpressed form of anger, loss or grief. If these energies “emotions” which are e= energy in motion)  are not expressed (in a healthy way) and released the energy turns against itself.

Reiki helps to lighten the emotional level of your being while relaxing the body and mind. The more Reiki is used one can have insights about life and know what needs to happen to move forward in life.

Depending on the type of depression, personal development work is needed with Reiki to assist you in reframing past events, issues and changing your perspective about who you can be or what you can do in life.

Reiki is a life force energy and the movement of its vibrations are very fast. Everything in the universe is energy, the movement or speed of its vibration will determine its structure and form.

Stress, anxiety, depression, physical aches and pains, worry, colds, and severe conditions are very dense or heavy slow forms of energy.

When Reiki comes into contact with these energies they begin to move out of your system as the Reiki begins to work on the whole of your being.

Reiki isn’t a cure for all problems and no practitioners should claim it to be so. What Reiki can do is guide us to what actions need to be taken to move us in the right direction of healing.

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing system founded in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui 19 the 1930s, a form of energy transfer from the hands to a person.

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy; It’s the energy that is all around us and in every living thing. A cat, dog, tree, chair and human etc.

The universal energy that is channelled by the practitioner to the person enhances the body’s healing system encouraging healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.