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Reiki Courses

A Reiki Training course is the first step on your journey of personal healing and development with Reiki. Reiki Training progresses through three levels each leading to more advanced skills and abilities.

Reiki training is straightforward, in just a few hours you can be treating yourself, your friends and family with Reiki treatments. ANYONE can learn Reiki, It is not a gift for special people, even though it is a blessing from the universe, from God or whatever you want to call it to everyone that wants to recieve it. People usually say Reiki is very relaxing and calming. The only way for you to know Reiki is to experience it.

Reiki Attunements, begin your healing journey, from First Degree Reiki to Masters and beyond. 

Watch this short guidance video on “Finding an authentic Reiki Teacher”

First Degree Reiki

There are two sessions a week apart in First Degree Reiki. In the first session, you receive two attunements which opens up your energetic channel so you can channel the Universal life force energy (Reiki). In the first session you will learn how to do the Reiki Self Treatment on yourself. You will be given the First Degree Reiki Manual and Reiki Self Treatment Music to practice on yourself over the next 6 days.

At the second session, you receive the last two attunements at First Degree Level and you will learn how to do a Reiki Mini Treatment on someone else. This develops your confidence to enable you give Reiki treatments to friends and family. There is an option to learn  how  to do a full body treatment on someone else at this stage also.  There are other exciting ways of using Reiki energy at this level which will be taught in the class.

Course Fee £130.00
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Second Degree Reiki

After using Reiki at First Degree for some time, one becomes accustomed to it, there is a desire for further development and Reiki Second Degree offers the opportunity to delve deeper into your Reiki Journey and increase your abilities with the Reiki energy.

Second Degree is where you become a  Reiki Treatment Practitioner, you can treat the public with Reiki and charge money for your treatment sessions. ( Providing you are insured and are confident in treating the public)

The significant part of  Second Degree Reiki  is learning  and activating the Reiki Symbols, There are three symbols at second degree which are used to enhance and increase the amount of Reiki energy you can channel. Furthermore, there are specific methods for using the Reiki Symbols that enable you to develop your own energetic relationship with the symbols throughout the course.

I don’t display the Reiki symbols on my website because traditionally they are very sacred and only passed between teacher and student. 

This course consists of three sessions over a month, in the first session you will be attuned to the Second Degree Reiki energies, You will learn and activate the three symbols and practice sending and receiving Reiki Distant healing. 

In the second and third sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of the Reiki Symbols and the Reiki energy at this level as you use it over the course of a month.

Guidance is provided and specific methods  and practices are taught to assist you to develop in your use of the Reiki energy to reach your potential.

The Reiki Course I teach at Second Degree is not what is traditionally taught in the west, (over two days)  you will learn from a personal development approach and be using the energy for a month. Reiki Second Degree is a very powerful energetic process that will move you forward on your Reiki journey.

As  highlighted above if you want to become a Reiki Practitioner and provide Reiki treatments to the public which could mean working with charities or support groups, as well as paying clients. You will be supported with all the guidance and information you need to get started.

Course Fee £200.00
Contact Marcus to Book

Reiki Foundation to Masters Course

Reiki Masters is an extraordinary course and journey of personal development. Like all my Reiki courses, it is taught with your personal development in mind. The Reiki Master energy is very powerful and it takes time to develop yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be able to hold and embody the Reiki Master energy into your life. A student must have completed second degree Reiki with Marcus or another teacher to be able to attend the Reiki masters course.

Why is Learning Reiki Masters with Marcus Different

There are many courses in the west that offer Reiki Masters over a day or two course. I attended many of them on my own Reiki Journey, and what I found was that the personal development aspect Inner work  with Reiki wasn’t present. I deeply knew a longer supportive course of personal and Reiki development was needed to be able to authentically hold and embody the Reiki Master Energy in ones life.

My Final Reiki Master Teacher taught me this way of guiding  students to Reiki Masters which ensures my students develops themselves energetically, intellectually, mentally, and emotionally alongside the skills and abilities at Reiki Master level

The duration of the Foundation to Reiki Masters is upto ten months

There are up to ten foundation sessions that cover various methods of energy work and personal development to assist you to develop Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Physically. These sessions support you to address any current issues in your life, while using the Reiki energy at a higher level.

There are  then four Reiki Master sessions where you learn advanced energetic and meditative practices for your own spiritual development and that of others in your life. The Reiki Master Energy Attunement is a very special day where You will be attuned to the Reiki Masculine and Feminine Master Symbols and learn how to use these energies in your daily life, for your benefit and others.

In addition, Marcus implements his extensive training from other fields such as Hypnotherapy, NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing, and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques over the Reiki Master Course to support your overall development.

The Reiki Foundation to Master Course is a big commitment to undertake, one that will be rewarding for the rest of your life. This course is very powerful , that is why a consultation to assess your readiness for the course will take place with Marcus. Once approved the sessions can be booked.

Course Fee £700.00

For more information on Reiki Courses with Marcus contact:

Marcus Abraham: 07739 970 349

Master Teacher Member of the Oldham Reiki Network